Music Center, historically sensitive to sustainability, defined in 2021 its sustainability agenda, in accordance with the ESG framework (Environmental, Social and Governance).



In 2021 ~25% of the energy consumed at Music Center came from renewable sources; in particular all the electricity at the main production site and at the retail store in Trento comes from certified renewable sources. Music Center is committed to reducing its energy consumption and GHG emissions through a series of activities (e.g., progressive installation in all workplaces of LED technology-based equipment; optimization of energy-consuming internal machineries with latest generation units; increasing use of video conferences to reduce consumption footprint related to mobility).


More than 60% of materials used in production and packaging are renewable (for ex. FSC certified cardboard). Raw hides used by our suppliers come from controlled sheep and goat farms meeting high level of animal welfare and that are destined from the outset to the food sector, fostering circular economy. Our R&D department is always looking for innovative and alternative materials with lower environmental impacts (i.e. synthetic materials).


Music Center produces waste of which 99.7% non-hazardous; over 55% of waste is sent for recycling at external sites. The company is committed to reducing the overall amount of waste and to increasing the percentage of waste to be recycled and recovered, as well as to developing an increasing sensitivity to environmental aspects among all employees and collaborators.



Music Center values diversity among its employees and pays particular attention to hiring from the local community. The company recorded no work-related injuries or work-related illnesses in 2021, and no cases of discrimination. As a demonstration of the Company's growing commitment to social issues, a specific HR function has been introduced in the company in 2021.


Music Center is also set on a continuous improvement journey regarding the quality and safety of products and services, taking into consideration all business processes, to ensure a sustainable use of resources and the maintenance of a high level of quality of products/services, for the ultimate benefit of our customers.



Music Center’s governance is led by a Board of Directors. No cases of corruption or non-compliance with environmental or socio-economic laws and regulations were registered in 2021.

Since 2021 the Company started audit procedures on a voluntary basis, to strengthen the monitoring of its systems.


Music Center is implementing processes for qualification and monitoring of its supplier: in addition to the technical requirements, the qualification phase of suppliers is factoring in also ESG information (e.g., environmental impact of supplier activities and protection of the health and safety of workers).