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TS  52500000040-zoom.jpg
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Product description

With their 44 keys, the SA-76 and SA-77 keyboards offer all the apprentices the necessary equipment to play the first melodies. 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 integrated tracks allow to vary between styles and genres; LSI sound production and 8-voice polyphony provide excellent sound quality instead. The liquid crystal display is an excellent support for the selection and recall of countless musical options. In addition, the SA-76 is equipped with a striking switching knob to simply switch between piano and organ modes, while in the SA-77 it allows switching between piano and organ / harmony. Another feature that distinguishes the two minikeyboards from each other is the color: in the SA-76 the lower part is red / orange, in the SA-77 gray. In the lively color scheme or elegant gray, both SA models are creatively integrated into the children's room.
100 tones
50 rhythms
Piano / organ setting button
10 tracks to practice
Liquid crystal display
5 drumpad
Melody Cut exercise system

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