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Item number: CR 52430000002

Product description

The Besson BE701 combines the tone quality of an F horn in the middle and low registers, and the security of a Bb horn in the high register.

The thumb valve operates both sides of the horn which share tubing, making it much lighter in weight than a traditional double.

  • Key: SIB/FA

  • Bell Diameter: 300mm (11.8")

  • Bore: 11.94mm

  • Valves: 4

  • Finish: Ottone Lucido Laccato

  • Weight: 2,3 kg


  • Plush lined thermoplastic case with aluminium valence

  • Adjustable little finger hook

  • Promotes good hand positioning

  • Compensating - Eliminates the weight of a full double horn

  • Cylindrical bore - Helps produce good tone centre 

  • Epoxy lacquer - Durability

  • Mechanical key action - Never have to restring 


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