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Payment Methods

The following payment methods are accepted; it is possible to choose the one you prefer.

1. Credit Card

2. Cash on delivery (only in Italy)

3. Advance bank transfer

4. PayPal

The payment must be done at one time.

Caution! We do not accept bank cheque.

1. Credit Card

The following credit cards are accepted:

Visa Mastercard PostePay

This way of payment is fast and safe:

you arrange the payment on-line filling the form by computer with credit card details;

The information you send are cryptographic and the transmission takes place thanks to a safe server SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) of the bank on which you will do the transaction. The data you insert for the payment are not communicated to Music Center and to the provider hosting our web site. Working in this way warranty and safety for the transaction are guaranteed.

2. Cash on delivery (only in Italy)

The payment must be done in cash or by cashier’s check when goods is delivered. Bank cheque are not accepted. This is a simple and safe methods.

In this case you have an increase of 1.5% for the total amount of the goods you are going to buy  ( shipping expense excluded ) with a minimum cost of 6 euro.

3. Advance bank transfer

Bank details are:


- BIC SWIFT BCITITMM IBAN IT34 N030 6901 8561 0000 0003 075

- Beneficiary "Music Center S.p.A."

- Reason "web order "( insert the order number present in our mail of confirmation )”

4. PayPal

PayPal is the society of the eBay group. It is possible for everyone, having an e-mail address, to send and to receive  on-line payments in an easy way, fast and safe. 

Creating a PayPal account you have to insert  your credit card details only one time and you can pay all your on-line purchases without inserting the data for each transaction.
The credit card details are processed only by PayPal for controlling and giving authorization for the on-line payment. Music Center does not have  access to the details, but it will manage only the buyer details ( first name, second name, address … ) which are necessary for the shipping and the invoicing. The payment occurs immediately.