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Term of Sale

The following sale conditions are referred to the On-line Shop Music Center with the URL

Important: these terms do not influence your rights, which cannot be contractually limited and it is not possible for you to forgo at them.

1. General information about sale terms.

These terms are imposed only for purchases made with the On-line Shop and it could be possible for Music Center SpA making changes or updates over time.

Important! Making an order the customer accepts these conditions and, as consequence, all commitments.

2. Making an order

For making an order it is necessary to create a personal Profil with user name and password. It is possible to do that when you are going to make the purchase.

It is important to remember and to keep secret these personal information because you are the only responsible for your purchases using the access data. Before buying these standards are necessary:

  • Inserting the real name, the correct address, the phone number, payment data and all other information requested.
  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Giving a delivery address ( we do not deliver by Mail Post , Hotel and Hostel address).
  • Using a credit card available for buying products online.

How to make an order:

  • Searching for the product.
  • Clicking "Add to cart"
  • Clicking "Cart" below the menù, it is possible to enter the page where you can control the order, seeing what you selected, modifying the quantities, deleting items or inserting promotion codes, if present.
  • At this point, it is possible to conclude the order, receiving it to the e-mail address indicated, by clicking "Checkout".
Our system do not produce automatically invoice but it generates only a copy  of the order which can be use as warranty.

3. Order fullfillment

The customer accepts that every order is a purchasing offer referring to the products listed in the same order as established in the sale conditions. All orders must be accepted by Music center SpA.

Once received the order , we will send an e-mail  as confirmation where you find  the number of the order and the details of the product ordered.
This e-mail is not  an acceptance declaration of the order. This will happen only with the conclusion of the sale  contract when the products will be shipped and you will receive an e-mail with the shipping confirmation.

You have the possibility to cancel the order in every moment before the receiving of our shipping confirmation e-mail. It is necessary to take contact with our Customer Service at

4. Prices, Shipment, Shipping costs and fees

Pay attention to:

  • The price you have to pay is that one you saw in our order confirmation.
  • Music Center SpA can modify the prices without notice and at any time.
  • Product prices have no shipment costs or fees included.
  • Possible warehousing and procedure costs for the impossible delivering caused by the consignee ( not caused by Music center SpA) will be charged immediately.

Music center SpA assure that the On-line prices are always updated. It could be possible finding also  incorrect prices and in this case, if the correct price is more down than the one indicated, the lowest price will be adopted.
On the contrary, Music Center SpA will inform you immediately.

It is always possible to cancel the order informing Music center SpA.

5. Products availability and delivery

Music Center SpA has the right, without responsibility or notice obligation, to modify, to suspend and to cease definitely the availability of some products.

For information regarding the delivery terms please see: Shipping terms

Our target is the respect of the delivery terms. Anyway for different reasons shipments could have delay. As consequence every shipping date must be considered as approximate and not binding, because Music Center SpA cannot be sure that products will be shipped in the expected date.

It could happen that there is no possibility to send the products in the planned date so the shipment could be posticipated.

If you will posticipate the delivery or will delay the receiving in spite of our efforts for delivering the parcel, of which we will inform you in time, we have the right to charge to you an amount which will represent the costs we will have to pay because of your actions and omissions.

If the products will not be delivered within 10 working-days we will consider that you adopted your right to solve the contract and we will refund the total amount of the order, holding back the extra costs paid by Music Center SpA.

Once received the goods please check in a reasonable time:

  • State of the parcel/box.
  • Content of the box.

If the box/product is defective or the content is not complete please inform our Customer Service at mail

6. Payment

The payment can be done by PayPal , by credit card , approved by Music Center SpA, which are part of Mastercard and Visa circuits (pre paid included, such as Poste Pay), by bank transfer or with cash on delivery service (only in Italy). We do not accept bank cheque.

Please be informed:

  • You must give your credit card details when you make the order.
  • The charge  on your credit card will be done only after that you will have decided what to buy.
  • We do not ship the product if the society that issue your credit card will not authorize the payment.
  • Please save the e-mail you will receive as “Shipment confirmation” because it is considered like "purchasing proof".

7. Ownership

Music Center SpA is the owner of the products until the receiving of the whole payment of the order and till the delivery.

Music Center S.p.A ( also with the help of third part designated), has the right ( close with the applicable regulations) to sell or negotiate products , or on the contrary to request them back if it will not receive the payment. 

Also if the society that issue the credit card do not authorize the payment or ask to refund the paid amount, Music center has the same right to ask back the goods.

8. Restitution and refund

It is possible exercise the right of terminate the contract informing our Customer Service within 10 working days from the date of the delivery. After that you must send us back the products.

In this case shipping expenses and the choice of the service to use for the restitution of the goods are responsibility of the customer and Music Center do not pay any extra costs if goods will be lost or damage.

According with art. 64 referred to the legislative decree 6 settembre 2005, n. 206 ("Protection of consumer's interests" , art. 7 law 29 luglio 2003, n. 229") customer has right of withdrawal, that is the right of send us back the received products, without the payment of extra penal costs and the indications of the reasons  of the restitution, obviously within 10 working days  from the delivery of the products. 

In addition, the terms  of the “Section 10” will be implemented


9. Supply of incorrect, incomplete or defective products

Take contact with our Customer Service at mail, if:

  • We supplied incorrect products.
  • Delivery was not complete.
  • Products were damage or has been lost during the delivery operations.

In this cases we can withdraw the goods and arrange a new delivery or a refund.

In addition, the terms  of the “Section 10” will be implemented.

10. How to return the products

For organizing the return of the products please contact our Customer Service at mail

Useful information

Arrange the products with the original box ( if you still have it) and please include:

  • Accessories.
  • Instruction documents, if they were in the box.
  • Every products received with the order and for free.
  • Every products or the content of the whole package or bag in the case in which you bought something in pair.

Please verify that all products are wrapped safe and be sure to handle them with care, returning them in the same conditions they were at the delivery time.

Our courrier will collect the parcel as agreed. If you will not be present the courrier will take contact with you to fix a new collection.

If you return products:

  • That cannot be returned.
  • That are not in the original condition.
  • That do not have a safe box or that have no box.
  • That are not all that were present at the moment of the delivery.
  • If you did not pay attention in keeping safe the products organizing the returning.

Music Center has the right to refuse the restitution, it could not pay the refund and at the same time it could charge extra costs for repairing or solve the problem.

If the restitution will be accepted by Music Center SpA we will refund the price you paid , making a credit on your credit card or on the current account you indicated.
From the refund we will deduct every amount you must give to Music Center SpA. Please note that we do not refund the delivery costs.

Music center SpA accepts only restitutions of products purchased on the Music center online Shop.

Being a Music Center’s customer you must accept that the total amount  will be refund without interests by credit on your credit card or current account in 30 days  starting from the day of the restitution of the goods.

We will do an effort for fulfilling our obligations. In every case, it is not possible considering us as responsible for delays or missed fulfillments if they are caused by circumstances which are not possible for us to control. In case of delay we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

11. Responsibility

These sale conditions explain all our obligations and our responsibilities referred to the supply of our products.There are not other warranties, conditions, or terms which are binding for us. Music Center does not guarantee that the products you buy are functional for your needs.

Music Center Spa contractually  is not responsible for civil offense or for every economic decline ( for example, drop of revenue, profit, contracts, activities or Advance savings), loss of data, reputation drop or for other drops or special damage, direct, out of the contract or “ punitive” of every typology  and in every way it could be arise.

In every case , nothing that is present in this section will be able to limit your right for law and nothing in these sale conditions are going to keep out or limit the responsibility for:
  • Fraud.
  • False representation.

12. General conditions

If a part of these conditions could be considered not valid , illegal or not applicable, this condition must be applicated till the maximum permitted by the law , and the validity, the legalicy and the applicability of the other parts could be not damaged.

13. Contacts

For Request or doubts please contact our Customer Service at +390461968000 or send an e-mail to