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Reeds for Alto Sax


Fibracell Reeds are now offered in two strength grading systems. The new Fibracell Premier Reeds are the same reeds, but with a more accurate numbered strength grading system. Fibracell Reeds have the "woody" tone of natural cane but with better sound projection and are great for doublers because no soaking is required. Fibracell Composite Reeds do not warp, soften or swell when wet and last up to six times as long as natural cane reeds. Fibracell Reeds are playable in all weather conditions, and not affected by heat or humidity. Quick response for better articulation, excellent intonation and pitch stability in all ranges, and brilliant overtones for a full, resonant, vibrant tone are what musicians count on from Fibracell Reeds. Fibracell's outstanding durability is due to a bonded film on the bottom that helps resist tip splitting.
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